Water Purifier Coolers by It’s Only Natural

Our water purifier coolers are the organic, simple and reliable way to filter your water and ensure that a glass of pure, clean and cool water is available at just a turn of a tap. Our advanced natural water purifier is a leader in the South African market with its state-of-the-art technology and charming design.
By making use of a “triple-safe” process to clean and purify water, the gravity-feed water purifier has been proven to remove up to 99% of bacteria and other harmful water contaminants. As a result you are guaranteed water as pure as cool as it is natural.

It’s Only Natural is a leader in natural water purification in South Africa. Combining old world charm with advanced technology, we have been safeguarding the health of families worldwide for almost 70 years. It’s Only Natural purifiers use a natural process that cool and purify and are manufactured from specially selected, non-toxic materials of the finest quality and have been proven to successfully remove water contaminants including bacteria, metals, chemicals, pesticides and chlorine.

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The tap water we drink is often far from clean, pure or fresh. The reason for this is that our drinking water is prone to collecting pollutants and waste products en-route to our taps. With this in mind, we have developed pure and simple solutions…

How Our Purifiers Work

Our purifiers were designed with simplicity in mind. By the natural force of gravity, water passes through the porcelain “candle” which is filled with granular activated charcoal (G.A.C) made from coconut shells. After passing through the porcelain wall and the G.A.C, pure water drips into the lower chamber from which it can then be conveniently dispensed. Furthermore, continuous cooling takes place due to the natural evaporative properties of terracotta, thus providing a constant supply of cool, refreshing water.

The water passing through this filter system is made safe in three ways:

  • The outer micro-porous ceramic pre-filter removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and 99% of suspended solids by screening down to one micron.
  • The water then passes through the inner core of the activated charcoal, which removes bad taste and odors. This core is protected by a bacteriocidal agent to maintain the purity of the water.
  • A small and necessary amount of dissolved minerals and active biocides are left in the water to prevent any possibility of recontamination.

Instructions for Purifier Care & Maintenance